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Hey Zed,

I've tried to generate the checkboxes one at a time like in your second example.

CGI::checkbox(-name => 'the_group', -value => $value, -label =>'')

Now what i require is something similar to...

$some_spaces = " " #here are 4 spaces. $my_label = $title . $some_spaces . $description . $somespaces . $more +text # the variables above just represent some basic information CGI::checkbox(-name => 'the_group', -value => $value, -label =>$my_lab +el)
now what i'd expect from the web page is a checkbox with a label that has each part split by 4 spaces.
Unfortunately the html is being smart and removing unnecessary white space, so what i end up with is each variable only being seperated by a single space, ideally what im looking for is a way to get around this.
any more ideas would be appreciated