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My boss and I are trying to make the case to our company leadership that the development team should be run by developers (at least a good chunk of them by me).

What do mean by "run by" ? Lead developer? CTO? Project Manager? Whats the role and what are its responsibilities?

The problem is that we believe this is not true for software development.

Why? You seem to feel quite strongly on the subject :-)

Looking back at the people I've had above me in the org chart over the years I'd say, on average, the technical ones tend to be slightly worse. Good techies that lack all political and social skills get promoted into management and do a terrible job of it.

One really good one is this article by Paul Graham

I'm not really sure how Graham's article applies. He's mostly talking about about hiring Great Hackers to code, and says nice things about Steve Jobs' management - who isn't a software developer by any stretch of the imagination.