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Shinwa Komoto Okami

Shinwa is translated into "Legendary" from Japanese.
Komoto is the family name of Shinwa Okami from "Shadow of A Dream"
Okami is translated into "Wolf" from Japanese.

This name is going on about...four to five years now. It was created as a way of dealing with a major mental breakdown after the suicide of a loved one. From this name came a book, and soon,a Perl-based RPG.

The name Shinwa has always been attached to me in some way or form. Those around school, work, and home even call me Shinwa or Shinny from time to time. Everything in my life has usually had the name associated to it. Be it in school work, gaming, programming, writing, or the arts. I doubt I could ever really give up the name for another, as it is in a sense, a way of rememberance for my own reasons.

Rest in peace Michelle...

Shinwa : Did that penguin just meow at me?
Snuggy : What hunny?
Shinwa : nuffin' luff...