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If it were a good thing to have *nothing* sit unapproved, then we'd just eliminate the whole approval process.

If your anal nature prevents you from leaving any node unapproved, then you *need* to stop visiting pages like Seekers of Perl Wisdom. (I thought there was something in user settings to turn off showing you nodes yet to be approved, but there isn't.)

You aren't doing a service to the site by approving every single node without regard for whether it should be approved or not. You are doing a *disservice*. What do you think approval is for? What do you think it does (beside remove the node from the bottom of the page)? Did you read any / much / all of the site documentation on the approval process?

BTW, your approvals of reaped nodes should have done nothing. Only editors are supposed to be able to approve reaped nodes (after you answer my questions above I'll even explain why). So one more bug to fix.

FYI, this reinforces my plan to get rid of approval and replace it with disapproval.

- tye