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I'll address the easy one first :)
Seems odd that the exercise concentrates on the code you're trying to get people NOT to use...
I had given that some thought and what finally settled it for me is that I didn't want a bunch of people saying "yeah, but I wrote my own CGI parsing routine and it works fine." Now, I can just point them to Lesson Two and not worry about it. In short, how can I tell someone not to do something unless I tell them why?

Ugh. I just looked at it in Netscape. Bad, bad, bad. I've used absolute position instead of relative positioning and obviously I need to rethink this. Plus, Netscape doesn't allow for the nifty boxes with colored backgrounds that I get with IE. I'm wondering if I'll have to go with simple tables to get those back.

I can't take advantage of the tilly's Apache solution as it is not my server. Actually, that "it's not my server" situation is frustrating. I'd prefer to let people be able to run those programs from the site, but my ISP doesn't allow CGI scripts. Yuck.

I think I have a rough handle on most of the problems and I'll work them out as soon as I can.


Update: If anyone notices any factual errors, please let me know!!!

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