Several times over the last few years I have attempted to register at Perlmonks. I follow the instructions for Create a New User. I read the message saying that my password will be e-mailed to me. Then the password never arrives! I go to login, using one of my regular passwords, and I get the message "Oops wrong login or password".

I then click on the link for "password reminder". I fill in my username and e-mail address, click on the link that calls me a cowboy, and read the message saying my password should be on the way. But it never arrives!

I know I've been through this 3 or 4 times -- because perlmonks tells me that my 3 previous usernames are already taken ... even though I've never gotten a password for any of them and have never been able to post.

Only today did I learn that one could post anonymously ... and then at first I didnít realize that the posting box is all the way at the bottom of the page.

If there are any perlmonks administrators out there who could advise me as to how I can get a password, please contact me off list at jkeen_at_verizon*dot*net. Thank you very much.

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