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Greetings Monks,

I am seeking resources to teach perl to children.

Recently, my 11yr old son picked up a long disused Texas Instruments CC-40 computer and began reading the manual - even typing in short programs from the text. In his world, this machine was nothing other then an unusual gameboy the mysteries of which he had yet to explore. The manual provided is an excellent example of an introductory text to computer programming. It was written at a time when the average user would be expected to know absolutely nothing about computer programming. The examples provided are short, often amusing, and instructive. Several "guess the animal" and "hangman" type games are included.

I would like to locate some child-oriented resources for learning computer programming. Hopefully some material in perl is available. Java seems to have some limited material in development. Does anything like this exist for perl?

I have the Learning Perl (3rd ed) by Randal L. Schwartz, Tom Phoenix. This book is good for an adult but not appropriate for the young reader.