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In the original post, I included the o/s along with the perl version (sun4-solaris-64int-ld). Sorry you missed it.
As I'm sure you suspected, each line ends with a CR (0d.) Were you looking for anything else?
%perl -nle' exit if $. == 15; print unpack "H*", $_' testdata.txt 416c616e6f6e2c20426172740d 353539302f454c0d 2d2d2d2d0d 4f274c657769732c204a6f686e2e0d 2d2d2d2d2f2d2d2d202d2d0d 6a6f686e0d 4c65204d7563682c426f204a6f0d 333430362f313635204e530d 656440612e6e6c0d 4162652d4a656e2c204d61722d4a6f0d 333432312f31363444204e530d 63626573740d
I was assuming that the "== 15" was a line count, but it only printed 12 - that's all the data that's in the test file. Do you want more data?

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