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I want to assign an array to the value of hash. The key is scalar varaible. At a later stage in program, I need to access the key-value pairs. My code is something like this:
my %new_hash; my $some_key1 = 1234; my @some_array1 = ("Name1", "Email1", "Age1"); $new_hash{$some_key1} = @some_array1; my $some_key2 = 1235; my @some_array2 = ("Name2", "Email2", "Age2"); $new_hash{$some_key2} = @some_array2; for (keys %new_hash) { my @value_array = $new_hash{$_}; print "Key is $_ and Second Element of array is $value_array[1] \ +n"; }
$value_array1 does not fetch any is empty. But, $value_array[0] gets the length of the array i.e. 3. Can someone tell me the correct way to go about it?