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Hi monks,
I ask this question before, but I guess I wasn't clear about what I wanted to ask.
All started when I needed to parse a log file that looks like that:
Company Name*345467*YW34567c*activitype*04/15/2004*11:34:10*123456789* +1 Company Name Other*345467*YW34567c*activitype*04/15/2004*11:34:10*1234 +56789*3

Course many more lines will be there.
I am tring to parse the log files here and running into problems where I can't display the name of the element I am looping trough, but I can print the number of times it shows on the file. Here is the code, let me know please, where the problem is.
foreach (<LOGFILE>){ if (/^(.*?)*(.*?)*(.*?)*(.*?)*(.*?)*(.*?)*(.*?)*(.*?)$/gi){ #prin +t starting at the date push (@logg,$1); } } my %count; my $total_count; foreach my $element( @logg ) { #4 ++$count{$element}; $total_count++; } #Sort hash by its values foreach my $element (sort {$count{$a} <=> $count{$b}} keys %count){ print "Name: $element<font color=red size=\"2\">Shows:<b>$count +{$element}</b></font> times.<br>"; }

I want to do this to every element on the file, I mean:
$1*$2*...*$8. And display how many times each element was present on the file.
If I run this code it will show the number of times ok, but I can't display such:
Company was here for 8 times.
I hope I was clear now.
And, Thanks for the help, once again!