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I am writing a server that will need to take in an XML document. This document contains only one tag per name value.
<USER> <LOGIN _AgeAtApplicationYears="33" firstName="Alice" lastName="Firsti +mer" address="111 test street" state="HI" zip="11111" phone="111-111- +1111" userName="testUser"> </LOGIN> </USER>

There will be only one USER coming in from the client at a time.

I am using Active Perl and currently looking at XML::Parser::Lite but it is space delimiting all values within the LOGIN tag. This throws off the addresses because there's spaces within the value.

I've seen several packages for parsing values that are assigned between the opening and closing tags but not ones embedded within the opening tag. (all the value assigments in the LOGIN tag.)

Do you have any suggestions on what XML package to use?
Thank you,