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Works like the code says it should. I think you may want to set $hash{name} = "this and that" if $name is empty. I could be wrong. Right now you are doing the reverse. If it has something in it then you do the assignment.

I have a hunch this is what you meant:
$name = param('name'); $hash{name} = 'this and that' if $name eq '';
What do you want this piece of code to do? What happens when you run it?

- Tom

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Re: Re: single line if conditional
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 31, 2004 at 16:30 UTC
    I made another post near the top if you want to see my sample code. I have HTML checkboxes and I want to say something like:: if this checkbox exists (has been checked), save this ($name in this example) into our hash. We are checking our variable against "" to see if it was checked. Maybe this is the problem? Do checkboxes produce something that would NOT eq ""?