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Well yes and no. Perhaps I'm being a little vaque here but deliberately so. However, I refer to intranet applications purely because it allows you to make various assumptions about the user base, the method of access, the operating system and even the times of access (yes my company is that controlled).

I put it across in that manner to (hopefully) avoid arguments about generic sites with generic purposes - forums for example. If I were thinking of general internet apps then I'd be thinking of online tax forms, general internet banking etc.

These apps have hundreds of thousands of man hours behind them and millions of dollars, pounds (etc) invested in their development. Where I work anything that costs less than £10,000 isn't considered a project. However, that said anything under that value could be a 3 month project for me - a significant investment of my developer time.

With respect to client side javascript, flash, shockwave etc then sadly that all comes under the same umbrella in the companies where I have worked. As long as it works and doesn't use an applet. In the team I work we stick to server side programs with interface enhancements using javascript. Its not pretty sometimes but it allows us to enhance the ui. Because of our limited audience we can get away with it too.