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Hi guys.
I'm using Active Perl (v5.618) on my p.c. running Win98 and I'm attempting to install a few modules.
I have set up all the repositories as in the documentation as well as a local one but when I try to install some modules it says it could not locate a PPM binary of the_module for this platform.
It does however allow me to download and install some modules such as DB_File and File-Slurp but not Net-Daemon.
I have also downloaded the zip files for the troublesome modules and ran

ppm install <the module>

in the same directory and it still says it cannot find it!
I am connecting the the web via a proxy server which I have added to my C:\AutoExec.bat file.

Is there a problem with win98 and the PPM?
Is there something I have forgotten to do?
Thanks in advance.