I wrote my own interface to newest nodes and run it on my website. It uses jdporter's modules to access the XML interfaces available on PerlMonks to retrieve a list of new nodes and information about them. It caches this information in a local database. When I log in to it, I get a list of new nodes since the last time I used it. The list is threaded with all links to new nodes in white and older parent nodes in cyan.

If I click on a link, a new window opens to view the node from PerlMonks. As usual, the node is displayed with all of its descendants. Occassionally I'll see a thread that looks like it might be interesting but I can't really tell from the title. It would be nice if I could just look at the root node to see what the thread is about without asking the PerlMonks server to format the entire thread. Then, once I decide I'd like to see the replies, I could pull up the whole thread.

On each node, there is a link labeled 'print' that will bring up the node by itself but it will be formatted differently and there's no reply link. There's another option to print with replies which will display the entire thread with print formatting.

Would it be possible to get a displaymode that would only show the selected node without replies but otherwise formatted like a normal node view, including such things as the reply and code download links? Something like this could also be nicer ways to link to the 'Name Space' node and other large threads.

Edited: removed link to the 'Name Space' node.

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