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I have been quiet on this matter, but i have to pipe in and say that replacing [ .. ] with [[ .. ]] is a SPLENDID idea and you hit the nail on the head why it is a better fit for this site. (typing [ is a royal PITA!)

There seems to be two major problems (barring having all pages be W3C compliant (X)HTML)

  1. newcomers not knowing how to format code sections
  2. folks using "unescaped" [ .. ] sequences, inadvertently producing potential Google hits to their array indices.
I think that getting newcomers to use code tags will always be a problem ... but switching [ .. ] to [[ .. ]] should completely alleviate the need for "inline" code tags, such as $this->[$example].

As for using POD ... newbies have a hard enough with programming, let alone Perl. Offer them POD and watch them run screaming ... maybe not a bad idea after all ...

My stock answer for posting with POD is pod2html | perl -pe 'custom filters here' | tidy which has served me quite well for several of my larger, premeditated posts.


(the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)