In RE: RE: Re: Perl secrets, I muse:
It would be nice if someone at work coded some, specifically Perl, ya' know, someone to peruse my code on occassion, but there's nobody.
But think of the experts you have here! Maybe I need to get vroom to create a section called Code Review, where we could post snippets (perhaps anonymously, with a private feedback link) and let others issue code review, but telling still others that this is perhaps questionable code.
Hmm. An interesting idea. A place for monks to get honest, open feedback about their code, flagged in a sense that this "might not be the best way to do it", or even "this may be a pretty narrow application". Nobody posts here unless they want direct feedback.

Any takers? Any interest? Can the everything code already handle some sort of private feedback, or would it all have to be public nodes?

-- Randal L. Schwartz, Perl hacker

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