When there were books only on Perl4 and Perl5, the distinction was easy to do: you had the Fuchsia Camel and the Blue Camel.

Now that there's a new blue kid in town, dedicated to Perl5.6, you cannot say "the Blue Camel" anymore...

Personaly, I don't find Camel 2 and Camel 3 (even with Roman numbers) quite satisfying. At, we discovered what we believe to be a secret message from Larry in the last edition of the Camel. We are quite sure that he knew there would be a problem, and gave us a hint at a solution.

Now, we have distinctive names for the Camel herd:

You don't have to read more than the first 20 pages of the blue Camels to know why we do so.

What do you think about this naming convention, Monks?