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You seem disappointed that the arrow notation is going away. Personally, I think this is a Good Thing. Aside from the fact that it will mean less typing for common things, it's a holdover from the old days of C. In C, a struct's members could be accessed with dot notation:

typedef struct { double x double y; } POINT; POINT some_point; /* and later in the code */ some_point.x = 1.02;

However, if you later had passed a pointer to a struct, you would access the struct members with arrow notation:

  some_point->x = 1.02

Since Perl was largely designed to be familiar to C programmers, having an arrow to dereference things seemed fine. However, Perl 6 seemingly is intended to be familiar to a larger audience (in some ways), it makes sense to drop the C style arrow notation in favor of the dot notation that popular languages use.

And just to keep things topical, by using the arrow notation, we may be encouraging C programmers to use objects like structs and that's just silly. Which is kind of the point of much of this thread :)


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