Is there already (or can we have) a way to delete nodes we own? I can see in a few places where I have aborted a writeup I have left an empty node :-(

I can't see a delete button...

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RE: Remove nodes?
by Crulx (Monk) on Feb 15, 2000 at 03:46 UTC
    The problem with allowing users to remove their own posts is, what happens if you are deleting the head of a thread? Of course, you can always modify the message so it doesn't say anything, but at least the order of the thread tree is preserved. I've thought a little about this and I haven't come up with a good solution. Anyone think of something? (ie being able to remove only messages without reply's)
      Being able to remove nodes which have no replies would be sufficient for me. The problem I see this as addressing is where a node has been accidentally created as empty - I would hope people are less likely to reply to empty nodes.

      I suppose you could permit removal of nodes with replies if you had some policy. For example:

      • Re-parent all replies to a deleted node to the parent of the deleted node. (Not much worse than people being allowed to edit out the text of a node as far as making the threading confusing).
      • If a node is deleted which has replies, change the maintainer to Daemon/Zombie/Admin and set the text to empty
      Any good?