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On Solaris w/ Perl 5.00503 I have a Berkeley DB database. The "values" in the database are structures saved with Storable::nfreeze.

I need to move that to Linux running 5.8.0 and a newer version of Berkeley DB.

I moved the file and then run:

$ db_dump foo.old | db4.0_load
But when I try to thaw the data I'm still getting:

Byte order is not compatible at ../../lib/ (autosplit into +../../lib/auto/Storable/ line 358.
I was able to move another Berkeley DB table without problems (that table's values were plain text).

I suppose I can figure out another way to move the data, but I'm also wondering what I'm doing wrong. Well, for one thing I was not able to easily find the Changelog for Storable to see if there was something broken with nfreeze. And my googling for that error message just turned up suggestions to use nfreeze or nstore (but I'm already using nfreeze).