Hi all!

Continuing in the spirit of 200,000 nodes last year, I wish to invite you to guess at which date/time the 300,000th node will be posted. Guesses in GMT please, either in this node, or by sending im2 a /msg containing guess 300_000 <date_time> - where <date_time> contains something parsable by Time::ParseDate. Your guesses will be added to the list on im2s homenode. (Should your guess be parsed incorrectly, please send me a /msg, and I'll check the logs and correct as necessary.. )

The poll will be closed when we reach the 298,500th node, to stop people guessing at the last second or two. Actual date/time of the 300,000th node will be (hopefully :) - shown by the node itself, and/or im2s logs.

The winner will be getting a Perlmonks Thong .. so don't hestitate, guess today!