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I think it excellent that you've taken the time to explore ZZamboni's module, and write some CGI to update the logs. But...

It's my *personal* contention that it's not the place of the chatterbox to be logged. I think for your own personal purposes you should be able to do that. But as far as having a publically accessible archive, I don't think it's right.

The chatterbox covers topics that are not always meant to be repeated. Many times the conversation in the chatterbox is pure drivel, and not worth repeating. Other times, it's extremely topical to a post that's just been made. And, yes, I know know that merlyn says how many people he's helped in via the chatterbox (in spite of bitching about the lack of ['s, ]'s, <'s and >'s...). But then, if the help is that high of quality, why not make a post out of it? And honestly, I don't see people browsing the chatterbox archive to look for solutions.

I *really* do think it's excellent that you've learned how to do this. But I'm going to ask that you *please* don't... Not with any sort of authority (of which I have none), or as a spokeman for anyone but my self. Just *please* don't do this.

I think that when thought through, you'll see the implications of how it can (and will) change the social structure of what the chatterbox will be used for. One person, in a /msg conversation, has mentioned that if the chatterbox is logged for public consumption, will cease to use it.

Understand that I've had self-doubts about the stats software, after I "finished" it. It's some neat information, to be sure, but is it stuff people should know? Did it affect how people perceive their reputations, now that you can easily get a list of what your rep-to-writeups ration is? I've thought about taking that node down, but several people have asked me not to. But I'm still not sure I should have released it. The "joy" in releasing (what I perceived as) a cool piece of software clouded my judgement on whether I *should* have released it or not...


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