I've heard some wishes for a Chatterbox Archive so, I slightly modified ZZamboni's ( There are plenty of people who probably could do it better, but I didn't see anyone doing it and tried my hand at it )to also write to a file. I'm going to wrap the text in some HTML so it's more presentable and get it to split up the logs by day ( these files will probably be large ), where you could access Archive08242000.html and view the 24th's Chatterbox archive. Anyway, my problem is that I am behind a firewall so I can't run it on any of the servers here. If someone has a server that isn't firewalled, and wouldn't mind running this as a background script and losing a modicum of space then we'd have an archive. I have free webspace on Geocities, but I don't know how to write the CGI to update a file on it ( I'm just now learning CGI ). If anyone can help, just reply here or send me a /msg in the chatterbox.


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