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I took the name blue_cowdawg as a reflection of the breed of dog that I am very much into. the Australian Cattle Dog. In particular my favorite variety of ACD is the blue merle variety that gets tagged with the moniker "Queensland Blue Heeler"

The ACD is a breed of dog that takes a very special kind of personality of human just to live with them. They are very active dogs, highly intelligent and if they are not kept busy they will get themselves in all sorts of trouble just sorting out what they should be doing.

If you train an ACD wrong they will do what you've trained them to do exactly wrong as you trained them without making a "mistake" in how you trained them. They are fiercly loyal to their handlers (owners) and have a lot of drive. They are aloof to (and often downright suspicious of ) strangers but once they warm up to you they will remember you as "friend" until you do something to change that.

My own personality is somewhat akin to the ACD. I'm very loyal to the few folks I call friends. Tend to hold people at arm's lengthy until I feel they are trustworthy and while I may forgive a wrong I won't forget it happened for a long long time. Like my favorite breed I tell folks all the time that my hands being idle are a very dangerous thing indeed.

Why Blue Cowdawg? And why Dawg and not Dog?

I like the sounds of Dawg so Dawg it is. Blue because I do that in memory of a dog that I lost three years ago who was a blue heeler.

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