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          Thanks for answering my last question about sorting multiple arrays by the same order. I've gotten out of so many jams with solutions from Perl monks and I appreciate it. My question now is about sorting 2 dimentional arrays. say I have the following:
@myarray = ( ['one','two','three','four'], ['first','second','third','fourth'], ['jim','bob','bill','sally'], );
and I want to sort it by by the nth index. I can do this:
@myarray = sort {$a->[$n] cmp $b->[$n]} @myarray;
but instead of doing all that, let's say I wanted to sort this array multiple times, and instead of wasting CPU power, I wanted to record the order to an array instead. I can do that with a one dimensional array doing the following:
my @arraylist = sort {$myarray[$a] cmp $myarray[$b]} 0..$#myarray; for $listitem (@arraylist) { print $myarray[$listitem]; }
but how do I refer to an array reference, like in a 2d array with this? So that I can do this:
for $listitem (@arraylist) { print $myarray[$listitem][0] . "<br>"; print $myarray[$listitem][1] . "<br>"; print $myarray[$listitem][2] . "<br>"; }
Thanks again for all your help.

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