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First and foremost, let me congradulate you on your name. It gives me a distrubing mental impression that I do not want to think to long about

Now that the is over, if there would be one thing that I would do here, it would be to write a 'Print' function. If you need to send everything to STDOUT, then you can lessen your keystrokes by doing something like ...

sub Print{ my $string = shift(); print STDOUT "$string\n"; }
Then you could change all of those instances of...
print STDOUT "Batch Router - the batch router configurator\n"; print STDOUT "\n"; print STDOUT "List of options and their functions:\n";
Print "Batch Router - the batch router configurator"; Print(); #Empty line Print "List of options and their functions:";

This is merely a suggestion.

Kristofer Hoch

Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor not a physician