in reply to Googlish approach to voting/XP?

Interesting ideas. I had some others to add:

  1. Don't give XP for votes AT ALL. I think it encourages people to vote when they shouldn't.
  2. Provide another voting option of 00 to forfit your vote on the topic. - Sometimes i don't want to vote, but want to know how much other monks agree/disagree with a post. Most times this can be told by comments but occasionaly it would be nice
  3. Provide ++ + 00 - -- as voting options. Maybe decide based on a monks level how wide they can vary there vote. This way if one person realy aggrees, and another one kinda doesn't you get more of a feel for that. Also it would allow for an average, Average Vote: 1.2 it would also allow for weighting based on a the voting monks level
  4. If the above is done, expereince could always be based on the old model, but the average vote could be nice.
Eric Hodges