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Note:I do NOT disagree with the above post.

I just read the RTFM-oriented post above, and was surprised to see that it was from an anonymous monk. The content and tone of the message really screams experienced monk. So, im wondering if the poster actually has an account here. The reason i'm saying this is because a message like that is probably better received from an established user than from an unknown lurker.
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by deliria (Chaplain) on Aug 04, 2003 at 22:56 UTC

    Actually, if the RTFM message was not posted as an AM message, I would expect it to get downvoted. Hard.

    While the actual message in the post is somewhat correct, the tone and the the illustrating examples are downright rude and demeaning. The RTFM post has a very high risk of getting downvoted, and I guess that was the reason why it was posted as an AM message.

    No matter how frustrated one might get at what might be dumb questions or ignorant users, there is absolutely no reason to become unchivalrous. Better for that monk (if he/she indeed has an account) to have not posted that message at all.