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I'm in the middle of writing a module to replace a CPAN module that I consider to be poorly written. But I've never written a module for CPAN before and I'm wondering if it's worth my time to submit this one if there is a similar module out there.

That's the gist of my question. If you want to hear the gory details...

I was on CPAN yesterday looking for a tool to download images from a website and came across HTTP-GetImages. It purportedly does what I want, except it doesn't. It appears to be broken. For instance, the author wrote his own malfunctioning hack to generate absolute file paths instead of using It doesn't handle search links contained in javascript pop-up boxes. And it seems to me to needlessly use anonymous arrays and hashes, adding to the comlexity of maintaing and debugging the code.

I spent about an hour looking through above module's code and finally decided that instead of trying to fix the module, it would be more fun and give me badly needed practice writing my own module from scratch. So far, so good, I'm about halfway done with my release.

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