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I agree in principle about the difference between a 'snippet' and a 'program', but I think that this distinction is easily blurred

There was nothing in rozallin's proposal to stipulate that an entry in Code Catacombs had to be a particular minimum number of lines of code. If a one-liner stands on its own as a useful and reliable tool, then it would belong in the Catacombs. (Meanwhile, some "snippets" could be quite large, despite having limited utility...)

I especially like rozallin's proposed distinction between the functions of "Craft" and "Catacombs" -- i.e. tentative vs. tested code. Note that rozallin used the term "polished", not "finished"; indeed, there is virtually no such thing as "finished" code (except for stuff that no one uses any more).

And because folks can update their own root nodes in the Catacombs section, this is an excellent place to maintain useful tools.