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I'm working on a module called Text::Anim, to do something akin to sprite animation with ASCII art. It can be used to do a standalone full screen animation, or it can be passed a Curses window, so that you can insert an animation into a window inside your Curses application. Any advice would be appreciated, particularly from anyone who has done sprite animation before. Here are a few specific things I'm interested in:

1) What features would you expect or like that are missing?
2) Is there anything that goes against conventions for sprite animation in a way that would confuse someone with sprite animation experience
3) A better way to implement the get_path routine without passing so many arguments (maybe a hash like the routines in
4) Any problems that you run into trying to get it to work

Here is the module and a demo script. There is a small example script at the end of the module. Curses is required for the module, Geo::Weather is required for the demo script.