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I'm new to Perl, and I am having trouble figuring out how to read a newline delimited file into my program. Here is my code so far:
use File::Find; use strict; my ($dir, @parts); open(IN, "< input.csv") or die("Couldn't open input.csv\n"); open(OUT, "> output.csv") or die("Couldn't open output.csv\n"); @parts = <IN>; #Displays total size of specified path (total includes subfolders) foreach my $dir (@parts) { print "Walking $dir\n"; # . I took this part out because it doesn't # . relate to my problem # . } print "\n\tOutput created.\n"; close(OUT);
Here is an example of the input file:


I'd appreciate your help getting this thing to correctly read in the newline delimited file!