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Precision rifle shooting is my poison...

I started shooting Smallbore target rifle at the age of 13 as a military cadet and graduated to Fullbore (Highpower or Long Range for USians) about nine months later. I've shot fullbore competitively every since to U19 and U25 international level and toured to the US, Canada, the Channel Islands and Germany. I'm currently trying to break into the senior international arena.

Fullbore is probably best described as trying to thread a needle two minutes of arc (~1 inch per hundred yards) wide from 300 to 1000 yards away. I've never been particularly good at smallbore (maybe county level when I was on my best form) which is far more of an exact science than fullbore, which is very much an art. There is an enormous mental aspect to both forms of shooting, rather like practicing kata in the Eastern martial arts.

I also did a little bit of Judo, Aikido and Kendo when I was much younger and competed at fencing for a while, but sadly lacked the dedication to carry any of them on.


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