in reply to Perl 6 feature that scares me the most:

Perl6 is just one of the languages of Parrot, and this is wonderful.

"The vision for perl6 is more than simply a rewrite of perl5. By separating the parsing from the compilation and the runtime, we're opening the doors for multiple languages to cooperate. You'll be able to write your program in perl6, or perl5, or any other language that there's a parser written for. Interchangable runtime engines let you interpret your bytecode or convert it to something else (e.g., Java, C, or even back to Perl)".
--Larry Wall.

So, we can play and create our own language, or just keep using Perl5 on it.

The bigger problem will be to rewrite the Perl modules at CPAN, specially modules with XS. But just imagine to have CPAN working with Parrot, and Parrot working with different languages!

Graciliano M. P.
"The creativity is the expression of the liberty".