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I have to respectfully disagree, Ozy.

The fact that Merlyn is a <insert positive superlative here> expert in Perl doesn't free him from all the foibles that come with being human.

If anything, I'm inclined to accept more, not less, foibles from Randal because he adds soooo much to Perlness of this Community.

Update: s/soooo much Perlness/expertise and knowledge/

Clarification: I would cut less slack for a less-than-tactful Monk if his posts didn't benefit the PM community or Perl programming ability.

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(Ozymandias) RE: (5) running with scissors - part 2 (Merlyn!=infallible)
by Ozymandias (Hermit) on Aug 01, 2000 at 19:52 UTC
    Then we shouldn't pretend that it DOES make him different. You might be willing to accept more foibles from someone simply because they're famous; I'm not.

    Why does merlyn have 1,000,000+ XP? Because he's Just Plain Folks, or because he's a star in the Perl community? If it's because he's just plain folks, then I've got a bucket full of people around here to nominate who answer more questions in a better manner but have a mere 3,000 XP, or 1,000 XP, or 500 XP. But that's not the reason. He has that XP because he is Randal. He got it for being a superstar. Are you saying that that carries no responsibilities to the very people that made him a star? I own some of his books. I read his work. I am a part of the crowd of people who make him the superstar that he is, and because of that, he owes me. He owes me the respect and the courtesy and the decency to ACT like a superstar.

    Think about it for a moment; who is the one person who represents Perl more than any other user here? When these new users come in here, they are looking to learn about Perl. Whether you like how they do it or not is irrelevent, they are here to learn to be like you. Now, what would you prefer them to see? A reasonable, well-intentioned community of people who help each other write better code? Or would you prefer they be slammed for making the mistakes a beginner is always going to make?

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      (I'm not willing to) "accept more foibles from someone simply because they're famous"

      Me neither, my friend.   I accept Merlyn's foibles because (up till yesterday anyway) he was willing to point out problems in posted code that other fine, guru-caliber Monks may not have always caught.

      Personally, I think we're extremely fortunate that Randal is/was with us.   I say this with tremendous respect for all the great Perl coders here, but I don't see Larry, Tom, Gurusamy, or <insert respected name here> beating down doors to contribute to the Monastery.