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Plong, Flash game made with SWF::File

Better get it while it's still hot...

<IFRAME SRC="" WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=300> Sorry Monk, your browser doesn't understand IFRAME. However, I'll still link you to the file. </IFRAME>

The truth about camels:

<Tori_ness> Camels may not be able to solve complex mathematical equations
<Tori_ness> But those bastards can still eat your tent

Tea Quotes:
"Never trust a man who,when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on." - Billy Connolly
Redigested markovbot wisdom of stuff said by me...
"New love is a complete idiot, as he starts talking utter nonsense" - teabag

Petruchio goes poetic in the chatterbox...
Petruchio : "O teabag, come and walk with us!" Petruchio did beseech. "A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach: We cannot do with more than four, To give a hand to each.

A china cup," Petruchio said, "Is what we chiefly need: sugar and lemon besides are very good indeed-- Now if you're ready, teabag dear, We can begin to feed."
My info:
Engineer, musician, cartoonist, amature surgeon and inventor of bucketsoup (it comes with a tap..).

I also run a small highly experimental pet-camel cloning facility. But don't tell anyone I told you that...

AS2, AS3, Bash, Perl, (a tiny bit) c.

Informative/cool off-site links:
Ming Perl HOWTO and Examples
With Ming Perl, one can use Perl to write SWF ("Flash") movies. You know, that file-format that everyone here loves to hate. The amazing coolness of this nifty program I cannot even begin to express. Well maybe I can, but I won't ;)
Cool collection of perl Tk stuff, Experimental modules and even some games.
Here you find some great examples for using the module. Everything you want to know, and just a little more. A nice starting point for CGI.

perl-win32-gui-users Archives on SourceForge
These are the user archives for the Perl Win32::GUI modules. Usefull for doing WIN32 gui stuff.

The Win32::GUI F.A.Q.
These are the "Frequently Asked Questions" for the Perl Win32::GUI module. These questions and answers have been collected from the Win32::GUI-Users mailing list. Handy!

Cool Tricks With Perl and Apache
"My server fell down and it can't get up!". Funny ;)

Perl and MySQL - Together at last!
I have to buy an O'Reilly Mysql book soon...
Lots of perl, and examples by zentara. ( Who grinds his own grain , likes brown rice and used to be the head stall-cleaner and horse mover on a thoroughbred horse farm. Being a pet camel farm owner, I feel his pain ;).'s cultured perl
Culture, has a nice ring to it.

Full video and Full streaming capabilites to MING
Well blow me down. Now ming perl can even insert videofiles into Flash. Now to get it all running on Debian... hmmm.'s ming wiki
More on ming

Ouch, (mostly) php examples on ming
Gazb has loads of links and example code that even an php-idiot as teabag can convert to ming perl.

astral trespassers ming sourcecode
From the excellent book "Perl Graphics Programming" by Shawn Wallace. Just get it!

My FLV experiments. How to make free flash video with 2 s‎crip‎ts and FFMPEG (and a WHOLE lot of help by Corion.)

Some sites I'm partly to blame for:, Musician's club in Leiden

Some of my flash files and band music. Requires flash plugin.

PM related links:
cblast35, Tell me what'd you say?

cbhistory, Tell me what'd you say, again?

cbstats, Got my mojotoad stats working...

most visited nodes, of perlmonks

Snippets in a grinder style, by grinder

Cool code for your home node, by BigLug

Your own Chatterbox nodelet in less than 50 lines of code., by Dog and Pony

I'm dutch so
this space is for rent ;)


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