in reply to Here is a commercial obfuscator


This post is a blatant add for a commercial product.

If you want to advertize on this site, maybe buying banner adds would be a better way. At least it would prevent comments explaining why the obfuscator does not seem to obfuscate well enough to really cause problems to someone who really wants to reverse-engineer the obfuscated code.

Oh well, at least this way anyone looking for Stunnix Perl-obfus using any good search engine will get a nice discussion about it. Especially as the product site does not seem to be indexed by any of the search engines I tried. Which, after consulting, might be due to the fact that it was created on 2003-03-10 (4 days ago). As my Deutsch is quite non-existent I can't really check whether the Stunnix Corp really appears in the telephone listings though.

Overall I don't think I would trust either the product or the company.