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It is unlikely that Artistic licensed modules will get you into trouble. But it can. And has.

I don't remember whether they were still Hip Communications or ActiveState, but they were shipping a binary version of Perl for Windows, named Perl, without contributing back code changes. That was a no-no. Read the license if you don't believe me. This was many moons ago and was resolved peacefully with Perl 5.005 incorporating ActiveState's changes. (This happened partly through the wisdom of Larry Wall et al, partly through the intervention of Tim O'Reilly, and partly through ActiveState's willingness to risk ticking off Microsoft.)

However you are right that it is virtually impossible to conflict with the Artistic License by accident. But corporate legal may find that verifying this is harder than they want - particularly if they are afraid that code which is claimed to be under the Artistic might turn out not to be...