When I'm browsing the site, I occasionally want to look at the list of my writeups. Usually looking for reputation or replies to replies (which we don't get notification of).

I find that I'm accessing this more frequently than my "home node". Now this may just be the way that I use the site, but it seems to me that I have a link to my home node at the top of the page but no easy way to get my writups. It maybe that this facility exists and I haven't stumbled across it yet. Yes I know the link I'm looking for is on my home node. Here's the thing, that's the only reason I ever have for accessing my home node. It just adds another page I have to go through to get where I'm really going.

Would it be desireable/possible to get another link added to the standard header for monks who are logged in. So you would have (in my case)

log nuance out nuance home nuance writeups