There's been several threads in the last few months about Perl Monks statistics. To satisfy the craving for useless numbers like "What's the longest name in PM? (34)", or "What's the average XP for all saints? (502044)", I give you the beta-version of the PM statistics site.

The database is a collection of statistics primarily derived from homenode information. It's updated every few days, so it really represents a snapshot of the Monastery when the database was updated. In spite of supplying vroom with booze, I still don't have any direct hooks into the actual PM database. <G>

I'm taking suggestions at my e-mail address or in reply threads for ideas, improvements, etc. Currently, items on the list include: Please remember this is a beta presentation, and it is only served by a 144kpbs IDSL line. The images page will take a few moments to load. No T3s here...


e-mail jcwren