in reply to Why isn't ->can() curried?

It isn't curried becausel perl 5 doesn't do currying. That makes things a little tough...

On a more general note, perl 5's OO support is really loose, and very minimalistic. Whether that's a good or bad thing is a matter for a different argument, but it is, nonetheless, true. What you're looking to do, while useful, steps away from that level of minimalism.

It's certainly a reasonable thing to ponder for perl 6, but I'd say at this point perl 5 is awfully far along in its development to change core behaviour like that. And if you were going to do it, you'd really want a full second layer on top of the current base, rather than adding in bits and pieces. While that'd certainly be a good thing, it does mean a bit of extra up-front thought to build that layer so it has some internal consistency.

Having said that, you can always write a module to handle this... :)