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Note the silly hat in accordance with PerlMonks Silly Hat Week. I know, the week's up. But I like the hat.

Eee, line end-y goodness:

Unix to DOS: perl -i -pe 's/\012/\015\012/g' unix-file DOS (Mac? I'm so confused) to Unix: perl -i -pe 's/\015\012/\012/g' mac-file

planetscape pointed to this nice reference page on the line endings (including a C++ utility file), ending my confusion.

Some simple links:

Just went searching for this all over, and finally figured it out: The DOS record separator can be printed with chr(0x1E) which makes a ▲ character (that should be a triangle, useful for delimiting variables in print statements used for debugging). I saw it here on PM somewhere recently, but can't find it now... oh well, I figured it out.

My XP chart

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