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What do I wish for Christmass? I wish it was over already. I hate this frenzy, this "everybody's happy, everybody loves everybody" hypocrisy, the miriads of people in each and every shop, the santas, the trees, the carols, the mandatory family reunions where everybody smiles at the others wishing to be somewhere else, the useless gifts, ...

I wish everybody has the christmass he/she wants ... but without me.


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Re: Re: Christmas Wishlists
by Callum (Chaplain) on Dec 02, 2002 at 14:16 UTC
    Bah humbug, says Jenda :)

    The main problem for me is how long xmas lasts -- it's in every shop by early november, there's no escape from it for almost two months. All the irksome cheerfullness would be easy to put up with if it only lasted a week or so.

    Whilst it's often felt that the extended christmas is an invention of Big Business (TM) to suck more money out of us, I suspect it's actually the fault of government -- they want something to occupy some of our grumble-capacity for a couple of months so we grumble less about them :)

    As for my xmas wishlist, it has to be hardy perennials such as -- more time, more sleep & more money.

      It's funny you should mention about how long Christmas lasts... I was making dinner tonight and there was an advert on television encouraging people to start planning for Christmas 2003... A whole 13 months away! *grumbles*

      I doubt people in the UK at least will be grumbling less about the Government, especially due to the fire strikes which are planned for most of December.

      But I will not dwell on such things and instead be cheerful and spread the Christmas spirit. So here is my X-Mas wishlist:

      • The Perl CD Bookshelf V 2.0 Becuase I have the Llama but none of the other books. :( (60.23)
      • A Black PerlMonks Mug Because I can't seem to find any available from anywhere. The Everything Development company isn't selling products anymore.
      • To spend Christmas with the one I love. (priceless.)
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