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Disclaimer: I'm a professional perl programmer who is being pushed into a Java project. Star-crossed lovers and all...

To get to the point: Is there a software project out there to give Java Perl power? I'm not talking about taking my perl code and stuffing it into Java, I'm talking about some org.perl.* packages that will reduce my coding time with lovely Java versions of perl beauties like map, (un)pack, printf, and grep. For example:

import org.perl.*; Collection foo = Perl5.unpack(template, string);
I'm sure some of my brethren have been forced to code in Java at times, and have searched for (or coded themselves) functions to make Java smell more like a camel. I'm just wondering if anyone who's been down this path before migt direct me toward the path they took, or if I should try to do it myself. Thank you in advance.

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