Fairly minor site changes.

If you "/ignore tye" and then try to "/msg tye I'm ignoring you", then you'll get a /msg from root telling you that you are ignoring me (so your /msg was not sent). It used to be possible to send /msgs to monks whom you are ignoring. This change is in keeping with Sci Fi rules of fairness in the Universe (you have to lower your shields before you can fire).

On the other hand, it used to be that trying to "/msg tye Are you ignoring me?" when I was ignoring you would result in an error message at the bottom of the Chatterbox, but you would never see this if you were using another chat client. So this now also results in a /msg from root.

Note that you can /ignore yourself (or root or paco) instead of tye (I'm just using myself as an example; these changes affect all users equally) if you want to play with this. Be sure to check ignored users and /unignore yourself (or anyone else) when you are done.

Note that chat clients that implement their own /ignore command (since the chatterbox xml ticker doesn't honor /ignore -- in part to save resources, in part because most requests are expected to be made anonymously) need to still pass the /ignore and /unignore commands on to the PM server (at least by default). At least one of them currently doesn't, much to the confusion/frustration of a couple of monks that motivated this patch.

On a related note, you can no longer reply (for example, via Message Inbox) to /msgs from root. At least 99% of all /msgs to root appear to be from people replying to one of the automated "root says You've got a reply to (tye)Re: ar0n from blakem at Secret Saint Handshake" /msgs thinking that the reply will go to blakem (but instead it went to root, who just ignored it). If you try now, you'll get another /msg from root that you also can't reply to.

Note that, for now, you can do "/msg root Stop it!" in part because I'm lazy (and busy) and in part because someone might try to use it to report a legitimate problem. So chatter clients that use that method for replying won't be affected by the above change.

Finally, you can "/ignore root" if you are really curious how these rules interact, but it will not prevent root from sending you automated messages.

        - tye