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Well, Fudge. I knew that I was inferior. Thanks for reaffirming.

The code was ripped directly from the POD:

use Regexp::Common qw /profanity/; while (<>) { /$RE{profanity}/ and print "Contains profanity\n"; } ... =head2 $RE{profanity} Returns a pattern matching words -- such as Carlin's "big seven"
I will respectfully disagree with your statement that there is nothing "wrong" with the module, since Fu**, FU** and fu** are profanity. It would be clearer to indicate the need for the /i in the modules POD. It was my mistake to not use the /i switch, but it is easy to see that I could make it since I am using the module as instructed expecting what it says will result... a case where Perl's rules of case sensitivity don't match up with the FCC's for what is profane. Yes, it is just the documentation, but for me documentation is just as important as any other aspect of code.

I should add that I am impressed as hell that this module works. I am even more impressed that I have no f___ing clue as to how it works. I am not worthy.

BTW, I am deeply sorry to have earned one of your sighs. I have the deepest respect for your work and the last thing I want to be is another one of the FUD Meisters that nitpick your contributions. In truth my comments were little more than an excuse for levity on what to me was a non-issue. I'm sorry that your hard work was used as fodder for what I sometimes mistake as humor.