I realise that few of you use text-based browsers to view the PerlMonks site, but something happened to me a couple of days ago that made me think of a suggestion for the site that would be useful regardless of browser.

I had the misfortune a few days ago of having a powercut which caused several errors serious enough to have to reinstall (Currently using Mandrake, waiting for Debian 3 to be mailed to me). I was able, however, to view the site using Lynx.
I'm going to take a moment to congratulate the PMDevs for the accessibilty of the Perl Monks site. It is good to see that the layout and functionality is not diminished regardless of what you use to access it.
Now, I noticed that every node I'd yet to vote on already had a positive vote placed there, which I could change to a -- vote if I so wished. This made the system break down slightly here, as I was forced to cast votes for every reply to a question even if I only wanted to up/downvote one reply.

I realise that this might not be possible to fix, and seeing as Lynx users are in the minority it may not be worth the effort in seeing to this problem. However, I wondered whether it would be possible to add a small button somewhere, maybe next to the "vote!" button, that clears all of your choices. I've often been in the situation where I've only had one vote left, and I see two nodes worthy of upvoting, and wish to not vote on a node that I've marked -- (nodes worthy of upvoting are more important than nodes I want to downvote - if the node is that bad it will be considered or deleted anyway). I'm sure this happens to a lot of other Monks too, especially those at low levels who have few and precious votes.

Would this be possible, and what do others feel about this?