Hello, brethren;
I was wondering about a foolish thing: in our Monastery, cradle of wisdom (or su pposedly so), there is an equally wise section named "Cool Uses for Perl".
I realize that too many times I've written silly, stupid insane programs in Perl , some of them, by the way, amusing and somewhat funny, but not properly "cool".
What do you think about a brand new section named "Insane Uses for Perl" ?
Feel free to substitute "Insane" with "mad", "stupid", "terrific", "frightening" , "evil" or any other specification you'd like to read about.
And finally, if many of us should like the idea of reading everyday a new comple tely mad (mis)use of such a beloved programming language, well, let's push towar ds the creation of this new section!

There's no Good without Evil,
We need that just to balance.
And after all,
Who can say
What Evil and Good are?


perl -le 's ssSss.s sSsSiss.s s$ .$s\107ss.print'

P.S.: come on guys, I posted a scripts that rides a skateboard and another that rides a surf in CUFP, do you think it to be cool or insane? ;-P