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Well I can safely say it isn't you :)

I installed the module out of curiosity and followed all the instructions setup my cgi script, add the correct port to the firewall and thought I was in business.

Things you must do to at least get started:
- Register at TellMe
- Put your Application URL into the appropriate box and DO not change tabs while you are calling. If you switch to the scratch pad tab it will attempt to run that code instead.
- The script will spawn a proxy server on port 7500, make sure that port is available to outside traffic.

After looking through the error logs ( available through the TellMe web interface ) I saw that I was not sending 2.0 in my xml tags. I hacked the to include the 2.0 version. Again I tried to run my app (after an update ) and now it was saying that the content being sent was invalid due to certain characters and tags that are not 2.0 compliant. At this point I stopped trying because it seemed without an updated module it was useless at this point.
(version 1.13 from CPAN is what I tested with)